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dr kashish gupta
Dr Kashish Gupta at Singapore National Eye Centre SNEC Singapore at the completion of his advanced training progmamme in Robotic Surgical Laser

Dr Kashish Gupta

If you are looking for the best eye surgeon in Bathinda & Malwa; your search ends here! With over 15 years of clinical & Surgical experience, Dr Kashish ranks among the best Eye Doctors in the Malwa region.

Currently, Dr Kashish is the Chief Eye surgeon at the Max hospital Bathinda.  He is rated among the most popular eye specialists in Punjab. Dr. Kashish specializes in Robotic Cataracts, LASIK Lasers, and Refractive vision corrections.

He did his MBBS from Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana punjab and MS in Ophthalmology from Government Medical College Surat Gujrat India. simultaneously enrolled in post-graduate training Program at ARAVIND EYE HOSPITAL – TIRUNELVELI, Tamil Nadu

He trained globally at several prestigious centers including the prestigious Singapore National Eye center SNEC. He is a known face on the web in Opthalmology & eye care with his video tutorials on Youtube handle @ Dr.Kashish Gupta 

Core Experiences

  • Cataract: From Phacoemulsification to the Latest smart Surgical Lasers, Dr Kashish Gupta is the most tech-savvy Cataract Surgeon in the Punjab state of India. 
  • LASIK In the modern LASIK Surgery ecosystem, Dr. Kashish Gupta is ranked among the top 10 Refractive Surgeons in Punjab. Using AI-driven Lasers, Dr. Kashish has a very high success ratio as a specialist LASIK Surgeon  
  • Clinical Opthalomologist  As a clinician in Ophthalmology, Dr. Kashish treats almost all generic eye diseases like dry eye, computer vision syndrome CVS, Eye allergies, Eye Infections, Conjectivites, & Broad spectrum of vision abnormalities. 
Robotic Cataracts
Clinical Ophthalmology
dr kashish gupta

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