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Cataract Removal was never this Easy & Safe!

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Robotic Cataract Removal using swiss Femto Technology.

What is CATARACT ?

Cataract reduces your vision ability as the Eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy. Minor surgery is the only method to remove your Cataract. Such a procedure substitutes your Cloudy lens with a replacement lens so that you can see normal again. 

There is no alternative to surgery. If you do not have the surgery, your vision will gradually decrease and may continue to get worse to the point of no recovery. Revolutionising Eye Treatments: Future of Robotic Eye Surgeries in India

best eye specialist in bathinda

These days Cataract treatment has become Easy, safe, custom planned, and fast. All this is because of the latest swiss  Z Laser technologies.   Now Cataracts are  100% Blade free with us.

We have the best Cataract treatment suites, offering all range of treatments with premium IOL choices!


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Looking for the best cataract Surgeon

Looking for the best cataract Surgeon , then your search ends here.

Dr. kashish Gupta trained at Asia’s best Eye hospital in Singapore and went on to procure the world’s fastest Femtoseocnd Z  laser, which generates Low energy laser pulse. We are ranking on  web  best Eye Hospital in Punjab


Such safe laser energy ensures near no damage to your Eyes. The technology is known FLACS –  Femto laser-assisted Cataract Surgery.

New Z Laser cataract procedures are painless, predictable, and custom planned for your Eyes.  This is required because ‘No two Human Eyes are the same.’ Eyes vary in Shape, Size, and physical makeup from one another &  need a unique eye treatment plan for best Visual results.

With new technology,  you can come, get your surgery done and return home within a couple of hours. It is this easy,  all because of this unique American-approved FDA technology called Robotic Femtosecond laser cataract

Permanent Visions Solutions and IOL Choices Intraocular Lenses (IOL)

An IOL Inter Ocular Lenses (IOL) is implanted in your Eye for Vision correction. The procure involves removing the Eye’s natural lens and replacing it with a suitable IOL. Such artificial lenses are meant to enhance your Near, distance & intermediate vision abilities and produce sharp images much like a healthy eye.

Remember Not all IOL are meant to fit your Eye best. Your Eye is unique & different much as your face and other body organs are. Every Eye has unique topography and optical requirements to make sure that your vision is possibly best.

A tailored treatment improves your vision prospects significantly :

To determine which lens best suits you, we have the best-in-class Eye diagnostic suites available at Max Hospital’s Eye Department. Our lead Eye Specialist Dr. kashish Gupta has over 15 years of experience in IOL transplants. He has done thousands of eye surgeries using custom-fit  IOL’s to treat Cataracts of all kinds.

At Max hospital Bathinda, we offer a are a variety of premium IOL types for all kinds of Vision Corrections. Experienced optometrists under the supervision of our lead Consultant Dt. Kashish Gupta determines the best lens option suitable for your visual needs. We are keen to give you the most satisfactory vision at all times &  at all distances.

If you choose to reduce your dependence on glasses or contact lenses permanently, we offer a range of premium IOLs designed to eliminate your specific vision abnormalities. Remember, A premium IOL is an upgrade from a standard IOL. It is only after your comprehensive evaluation and after conducting all required tests using the best-in-class diagnostic suites, that we will recommend the IOL option that best fits your Unique Eye.

Premium IOL Choices that we offer at Max Hospital Bathinda

Dr. Kashish gupta



These lenses are designed to provide good vision in just one particular range of distances, either near or distance vision. As a thumb rule, you may still need to wear glass alternatively either for distance or near vision.
For those with cataracts in both eyes, a Mono-focal IOL may well be most beneficial. A mono-focal IOL is an intraocular lens with a fixed focus.


Such types of lenses are meant to provide vision correction for both near and distance vision.  This means both near and far objects can appear sharply visible at the same time. Such a lens requires your brain to get used to focusing & it may take some time to adjust to a multifocal IOL. Such visual adjustment is relatively easy if IOL is placed in both eyes


As a superior and comfortable option, the accommodating lens is designed to work seamlessly with the eye muscles and allows the lens to move, accommodate, and focus on objects at all distances –  including Near, Far, and in-between.


TORIC  IOL’s offer visual solutions to patients with complaints of moderate Astigmatism. They help improve vision without using glasses. Astigmatism is a common eye disorder prompted because of an irregularly shaped cornea or lens. Such an abnormality leads to a distorted or blurred vision.


These specialized IOLs are Slightly flattered towards the periphery in contrast to the conventional IOLs, which are spherical in shape:  which means that their front surface is uniformly curved.  Aspheric IOL is designed to improve the ability to see in varying light conditions such as Cloudy, Rainy, Snowy, foggy, and dark nighttime conditions. 

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