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Dr Kashish Gupta

Dr. Kashish Gupta undertook his MBBS programme at the Dayanand Medical College in Ludhiana, after which he obtained his MS in (EYE) Ophthalmology from Government Medical College Surat, Gujarat and simultaneously enrolled in post-graduate training Program at ARAVIND EYE HOSPITAL – TIRUNELVELI, Tamil Nadu; where he acquired expertise in phacoemulsifications. In the year 2007, he joined Adesh Medical College in Bathinda as assistant Professor and further underwent his Observer-ship programme in Squint and Amblyopic at Rajkot, Gujrat India.

With such profound and robust clinical competence coupled with over three years of professional practice, Dr Kashish made his maiden entrepreneur foray by kick starting his own private venture named Ludhiana Eye care Bathinda in 2011. This eye treatment centre turned quite a popular destination for scores of regional patients looking out for affordable eye care in the private sector. He undertook a number of phacoemulsifications & High volume cataract procedures.

Given his nimble surgical skills and clinical expertise in Ophthalmology, Dr Kashish has the distinction of being the first topical Phaco Surgeon in the region of Bathinda in Punjab using painless phaco technique. With his growing professional acceptability among masses as an expert eye surgeon, his popularity grew leaps and bounds and in the very first year, he went on to start three more eye hospitals in the townships of Rama Mandi, Malout and Abhor. All three eye facilities witnessed massive public response given the fact that Dr Kashish offered free professional services to many patients, who could not bear the costs & belonged to fringes or the marginalized sections of the society.

Continuing his upward career mobility, Dr Kashish Gupta took over the entire service operations of the well known Cygnus health street multi specialty hospitals in the cities of Bathinda & Tohana & served as their Director. But as it were, his sheer passion to contribute professionally to a larger number of underprivileged tier II & Tier III semi- urban populations saw him back in his medical entrepreneur hat. He opened up a network of hospitals specialized in eye care in 10 different locations across the state of Punjab. This chain of hospitals has been rechristened as EKJYOT eye hospitals.

Over the years , he personally trained many junior doctors and other healthcare professionals to create a professionally trained resource pool in the eye care segment that are currently serving in EKJYOT eye care hospitals . Alongside Dr. Kashish, some top surgeons and ophthalmologists of North India have joined hands in this fast flourishing new venture treating eye disorders.

The Ekjyot hospitals work recognition is going beyond the frontiers of India. These specialized eye care hospitals have drawn international attention as recently its top three doctors including Dr. Kashish Gupta were invited to Alforsan Eye centre, Assiut University, Egypt. They performed certain advance & live surgeries and further trained their eye care professionals in specialized eye care. The EKJYOT group is likely to open its modern eye treatment hospitals internationally in multiple countries. This has put Dr. Kashish and his senior colleagues among the elite ophthalmologists and surgeons on the global eye care map.

With over 11 years of hands-on experience Dr. Kashish has evolved into a frontline Consultant Ophthalmologist. With his clinical expertise & surgical skills in Cataract, Phaco Emulsification, Lasik Laser & Refractive Surgery, he has performed over 50,000 surgeries till date. Sophisticated laser eye treatment technology needs expert skills and Dr Kashish Gupta is one of north India’s most accomplished and experienced eye surgeon. His professional approach and personal touch to every individual patient signifies his compassion & work attitude that he is blessed with. Attesting to his excellent results and high level of patient satisfaction, Dr Kashish has now been entrusted with the top assignment, as the Head of the Eye care department at the prestigious Max hospital in Bathinda. Max hospitals have a niche identity of adhering to the highest medical standards globally and with Dr. Kashish at the helm of its Eye OPD unit, would surely facilitate quality eye care to patients demanding best treatment in eye disorders segment.

Besides a clinical ophthalmologist, Dr. Kashish is a known name in philanthropy & humanitarian causes. He is supporting and patronizing certain NGOs and welfare organizations working for the poor & unskilled. He is the chairman of ‘Natiyam theatre group’ & president of the international NGO ‘sarbat da bhalla’- serving the poor and the destitute in the interior Punjab villages by imparting skill & vocational trainings in IT, computers & stitching. He has been organizing scores of free eye care camps & mobile surgical units across north India along with his team of fellow surgeons & doctors.

His mission is to free North India from treatable Blindness & make the blessings of VISION an actual possibility among all patients with curable eye disorders. He is currently based in Bathinda (Punjab) India.

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