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Eye Plastic & Ocular Oncology Clinic 

Looking for a oculoplastic eye surgery, then you are with the safest hands. Our highly trained Eye plastic Surgeon will give you a best treatment experience .

Oculoplastic or Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery is a fast emerging Eye Super speciality about various Surgical and medical procedures relating to our eyes and structures surrounding the eyes – Eye Orbit.

These Eye surgeries can be reconstructive (re-building) surgeries, which means to correct congenital or acquired (trauma/accident)  eye Disorders. Oculoplastic Surgeries are also done for cosmetic purposes – to enhance  (Eye) look & appearance to make them more beautiful – often refered to as botox.

Eye plastic surgeries have now become a prevalent trend among youth, particularly in urban areas. Youngsters look up to Eye Plastic Surgeons to enhance their physical looks, choose to undergo various reconstructive or corrective eye plastic surgeries. This involves surgical manipulations of eyes and surrounding structures like Eye Orbit, Eyelids and eyebrows to make facial appearances prettier. Further, in cases of Eye Orbit fractures and Eye trauma, Oculoplastic therapeutic intervention is helping patients a great deal and restoring their confidence & self-belief. In addition, our services include a prevalent method of enhancing facial appearances through Botox & Filler Injections.

Our Oculoplastic Clinic includes Ptosis surgery, Entropion/ Ectropion surgeries,Eyelid reconstruction, thyroid eye disease, Retinoblastoma– eye trauma. Botox & Fillers Injection.

We also handle endoscopic surgeries like probing DCR. Life-threatening Eye cancers are also treated at our Oculoplastic and Ocular Oncology Clinic.


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