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Five Pre–LASIK Guidelines for LASIK Candidates

If you are planning LASIK to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses, here are the five crucial steps you will be required to go through before the actual LASIK surgery and begin your exciting journey to sharpen your vision. You must understand the processes involved in LASIK surgical preparation.

Full Eye Examination before LASIK

A complete eye examination is the first step in your LASIK journey. Your Refractive surgeon will examine your eyes, measure your prescription, and analyse factors such as corneal thickness and tear production. This pre-Lasik eye examination serves as an important input for your Lasik eligibility. These assessments also assist the surgeon in tailoring the surgery to your specific eye features.

LASIKK Counselling and Informed Consent:

A vital part of the LASIK process is educating the patient. Your surgeon will tell you everything you need to know about the process, including any risks, benefits, and expected results. You can also ask any questions or voice your worries at this point. After getting all the information you need, you will be required to duly fill & sign a LASIK consent form expressing your willingness to go for LASIK.

Getting ready for LASIK

In the run-up to your LASIK preparation, your LASIK surgeon may impose a particular limitation on the use of products, like lotions, creams, and makeup, which may not be advised for you to use in the days before your LASIK surgery. These safety measures help make sure that the measurements are correct and lower the risk of getting an infection during the process.

Final Pre-Op consultation with your LASIK surgeon

You’ll have one last pre-operative visit right before your LASIK surgery to make sure you’re still a good candidate, ask any last-minute questions, and get post-operative directions. This visit helps make sure everything goes smoothly on the day of the surgery.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be ready for your LASIK procedure and have the knowledge and courage to look forward to having a better vision. Remember that the best way to have a suitable LASIK procedure is to talk to your surgeon openly and follow the pre-operative instructions. Dr. Kashish Gupta, the chief eye surgeon of the Max Healthcare Bathinda, is among the top LASIK surgeons in Punjab. This blog essay on pre-Lasik guidelines has been drawn with input from Dr Kashish Gupta, Head of the Eye Department at MAX Super Specialty Eye Hospital in Bathinda, Punjab.

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