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Doctor Speaks: Precautions after LASIK eye surgery

LASIK surgery is a go-to choose for adults across the world, as it allows them to get clear vision without having to use eyeglasses or contact lenses. “As a Refractive surgeon with 20 years of patient handling, I’ve seen personally how LASIK can completely change a person’s quality of life“, says Dr Kashish Gupta, popularly known to be the best eye surgeon in Bathinda, Punjab. “But the success of this treatment depends on more than just the surgery. It also depends on how well patients handle their recovery and adhere to the advisory of their surgeons,” adds he. Here, we spoke to Dr Kashish Gupta, currently the Head of ophthalmology at Max Hospital Bathinda, about precautions after Lasik eye surgery. What you should do and how to care for yourself after LASIK surgery to make sure your path to better vision is smooth and successful.

Tips for Immediate Post-Procedure Care after your LASIK eye surgery

  • Rest and Recovery

The first 24 to 48 hours after LASIK are vital for eye healing. You must give your eyes a break and stay away from anything strenuous. To make sure the eyes heal properly, patients are advised to take a day off from work and other physical activity. It’s normal to feel some mild pain, sensitivity to light, or a dull feeling, but these effects should go away pretty quickly.

  • Eye Protection

Once you leave the surgery center, you’ll be given glasses to protect your eyes from light and keep you from rubbing them. For at least the first few nights, you must wear these covers, especially while sleeping, so that you don’t accidentally put pressure on your eyes or rub them inadvertently.

Care Advisory for the First Few Weeks after your Lasik surgery

  • Avoid Water Activities

Home use Water often is seen to harbor bacteria, posing a risk of infection if your eyes come in direct contact with water. Hence, it’s important to avoid swimming pools and hot tubs and to submerge your head in bathtubs for at least 1-2 weeks after LASIK. While taking a bath during the initial week, keep your eyes closed to prevent direct water contact.

  • Limit Screen Time and Reading

It can be challenging to minimize screen time in the modern digital age. However, prolonged use of tablets, cell phones, and PCs can irritate your eyes and make dryness worse. When using digital devices again after surgery, I advise limiting screen time in the first few days and taking regular breaks to rest your eyes.

  • Dealing with Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common side effect after LASIK. Your surgeon will recommend eye drops that moisturize the eyes. It’s medically advised to follow the directions and use these drops even if you don’t think you need them to help your body heal and stay comfortable.

  • Follow-Up Appointments

It would help if you kept all of your checkups after LASIK. At these visits, your surgeon can check on your progress in healing, talk to you about any worries, and make any necessary changes to your treatments. The first follow-up visit usually happens 24 to 48 hours after the operation, and the subsequent visits are planned over the next six months as your surgeon schedules.

Long-Term Care and Considerations

  • Protect your eyes from UV rays exposure.

It is crucial to protect your eyes from UV light all the time, but it is even more critical after LASIK. Buy high-quality sunglasses that block entirely UVB & UVA rays to help protect your eyes and lower your risk of getting cataracts and other problems early.

  • Maintaining Eye Health

Remember, even if you have LASIK surgery, you are not immune to other eye health problems. To monitor your overall eye health and vision, it is important to maintain frequent checkups with your eye care specialist.


By choosing to have LASIK surgery, you have taken a big step towards achieving freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Once you adhere to the given precautions after LASIK eye surgery, you substantially enhance your chances of having the expected recovery and results lasting an extended period. Remember that the road to recovery is different for every patient and that paying regular visits to your surgeon is essential to address any concerns that may come up. Discipline, patience, and medical supervision contribute to the best Lasik surgery results.

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